Below is a list of recommended sponge and filling pairings. The recommended pairings are a combination of specially selected classic cakes coupled with tantalising Mediterranean fusion. Alternative combinations are available upon request. We can work towards creating any flavour your heart desires.

Vanilla sponge cake layered with vanilla buttercream.

Arabica coffee sponge filled with Arabica coffee and cheese frosting.

Toffee sponge filled with cheese frosting, milk chocolate ganache and Toffee sauce.

Belgian chocolate sponge cake filled with Belgian chocolate ganache and Belgian cocoa buttercream.

Chocolate sponge cake filled with Nutella buttercream.

Hazelnut sponge filled with crunchy hazelnuts, and Milk Chocolate Ganache and Nutella Buttercream.

Vanilla sponge filled with cocoa cheese frosting, cinnamon chocolate ganache, walnuts and cheese frosting.

Moist vanilla cake, red sponge due to its red food colouring with a hint of chocolate filled with vanilla cheese frosting

Lilac Lavender sponge filled with Rose infused cheese frosting.

Saffron sponge filled with pistachio paste and Rose infused buttercream.

Pistachio sponge filled with Pistachio butter, Cardamom and Rose infused buttercream.

Biscoff sponge filled with biscoff buttercream, biscoff spread and lotus biscuit pieces.

Light cardamom caramel sponge filled with Buttercream, crunchy Pistachios, saffron syrup and crunchy Sohan pieces.

We strive to make your wedding cake dreams become a reality, both in look and taste. To achieve the best taste our ingredients include finest flour, real butter, free range eggs, Madagascan bourbon vanilla and Belgian chocolate.

We do not use food flavourings, essences, animal related products

All our cakes are suitable for vegetarians and are alcohol-free!