About me

Food presentation has always been an intrinsic passion of mine, influenced by Art, both naturally occurring and man-made. When I began baking, my passion for presentation soon became the primary source of my inspiration. After struggling to find bespoke cakes that were both free of Alcohol/ Gelatin and artistically beautiful, I decided something had to be done.

Although completely self-taught, my cakes garnered much attention from friends and family. Encouraged to take this new passion further, my culinary skills were fine-tuned through the guidance of Le Cordon Bleu and Peggy Porschen. Learning new ways and techniques in my pursuit of perfection. After exploring many styles and designs through various techniques I became skilled in what I believed to be a gap in the market. Displaying the beauty and rich history of Arabic Art and Design in baking. Perfecting the use of Arabic calligraphy, ornament design and geometric patterns.

About Rose & Cake

Rose & Cake was started back in July 2016 and was born out of Owner Narjis’s love of baking, cake decorating and all things sweet. Narjis Baraka has made it her priority to keep up with the latest trends that are important to both her and her clients. She understands that innovation is the heart of her talents but does not understate the timeless elegance of classic designs.

She, therefore, has made it her objective to merge ‘classic with new’ and the ‘west with east’ in her unique bespoke designs that prove to be the centre of attraction at whatever stage they find themselves in.

Her speciality in Arabic design borne from her Arabic roots has allowed her to explore and produce inch perfect designs reminiscent of golden age architecture. A master in Arabic geometric design and fine calligraphy, coupled with a wealth of knowledge in classic design means she can fulfil almost any requirement and make a perfect wedding or celebration even more perfect.